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Banc De Binary Experience: Trading from 1 €!

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Banc De Binary Experience: Trading from 1 €!

Banc De Binary is a broker for Binary Options, which is available now for four years. For the experienced broker was founded in 2009, which has its official headquarters on Cyprus. The broker Banc De Binary has different locations and is one of the few suppliers in this area, which are regulated by official sources, namely by the Financial in Cyprus (CySEC). Above all, in the English-speaking countries, the broker a considerable time is very popular.

For example, given the trading conditions, so Banc De Binary broker is here in some areas even a leader, such as at the maximum rate of return of 500 per cent or at the minimum trading amount that has to be 5 euros only. The more than 80 tradable assets represent a very good value.


Detailed review to Banc De Binary

Trading conditions: Leading in some conditions

Outstanding is the minimum trade amount, which occupies a leading position in broker compared with only 5 euros. The maximum yield in the “normal range” is just a top value, as the maximum rate of return of 500 percent in the high-yield area with 91 percent. With over 100 assets, the customer finds a wide range of stocks to commodities and the loss protection is up to 15 percent is also pleasingly high. Very great is the variety of maturities, ranging from 60 seconds options up to one year. A couple mode for experienced traders exists and is a one-touch mode is already being planned.

Customer Support: Quick and qualified

Banc De Binary experiences with the local customer support was very gratifying for us. First of all, the support staff can be reached both via email and live chat as well as over the phone.


Bonus of Brokers: 100 percent on the first deposit

Bonus Banc De Binary experience in the bonus section shows that the broker does not “spills”. The bonus is that is 100 percent on the first deposit, but with the restriction that to a Gold account to be opened. This in turn means that the first deposit must be at least 2,500 Euros high. Who pays 5,000 euros or more, receives not only the bonus of 100 per cent, but also more access to internal analysis system, as a kind of another, intangible bonus. From 1,200 euros, there are already 50% bonus.

Trading style: 3 popular commercial types are available

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Trade types DC 3 commercial species have shaped Banc De Binary experience, so the broker here has a wide range. Of course, among other things, the simple call and put options as well as the pairs trading mode offered by default. In addition, the trader at Banc De Binary as popular 60 seconds Broker also the very short-dated options of just 60 seconds to act naturally.

Additional features and benefits: Mobile Trading and Demo Account available

Very pleasing is noted in review at this point that Banc De Binary offers a demo account. There are only a small restriction, namely that the customer must have previously opened a real money account. In addition, the mobile trading via app (Android or iPhone app) is possible, so that traders can trade while on the move. Other additional services or additional functions not offered by the broker.

Automatic Trading Binary Options

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Automatic Trading Binary Options

Automatic binary option trading has become popular in recent years. Although it does not require special financial knowledge or experience and the process of trading with the technical side pretty easy to be a successful trader, you need to be familiar with certain terms.

To start you need to know what binary options are. Binary options are the simplest way of trading with different investment classes. From ordinary options differ in what they payment fixed depending on the expiry date of the options. They are the perfect way to approach trading different asset classes, which partly explains their popularity. The development of improved technology and software for automated trading binary options, and thanks to the Internet, their use is now widespread. One example of such software is Binary Option Robot, rated one of the best robots of 2014, because it is extremely easy to use, offers and profitable signals.


Advantages of using an automatic system for trading binary options

The main advantage of trading via the robot is certainly what the robot or an automatic system, as its name suggests, automatically traded binary options based on the signal received from experienced providers of binary signals. Such a system facilitates trade for both novice and experienced traders. However, you always need to keep in mind that the payment is in automatic trading binary options in most cases all or nothing, regardless of the expiry of options.

Style: "70's look"How to trade binary options were more successful, you need to be informed about certain aspects of trafficking, such as moving the volume, price trends and underlying assets. The best way to do that is to analyze charts of different price movements that occur on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Of course, beginners in trading binary options such terms may pose unknown and their robot enables faster and safer trading. The advantage for experienced traders is that they can trade using a variety of techniques without having to constantly monitor the market.

An additional benefit of using an automatic system is that it does not require the presence of traders during the trading process, making it perfect for people whose schedule is full and do not have much free time.

Automated trading systems have many advantages and you should not hesitate to use them, specifically if you are a novice in the world of exchange binary options. It is certainly better than looking at the screen all day trying to figure out all of the terms and graphs included in the trading process.

Signals in trading binary options

What are the signals of binary options?


Binary Options signals represent the way in which traders can benefit from the instructions of experts in trading binary options. Signals are actually recommendations that were developed by experts familiar with the movement of the market. They were formed as simple rules that are easy to implement in a trading strategy. Such expert recommendations of particular use may be traders who do not have sufficient knowledge or do not have time to study the analysis and strategies needed to understand the market.

60 seconds Options Strategy: 7 Lessons

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60 seconds Options Strategy: 7 Lessons

In 7 lessons you learn at our Academy a strategy for trade with 60 seconds options…

A 60 seconds options strategy makes the difference between winners and losers. Here you can find out everything you need to know to get started in the 60 seconds trading strategy. For a Binary Options Strategy 60 seconds it is not enough simply Binary options to follow advice from analysts: The extremely short duration requires targeted and yet simple to carry out search for the highest possible success probabilities.

Lesson 1: Learn how 60 seconds options work and how you can quickly and easily get into the trade. What are the potential returns? What are the risks? How is set on falling prices? Learn everything you need to construct the options and understand the difference to a simple gambling. What is 60 seconds options? With 60 seconds Option You bet on whether the market rises or falls in the next 60 seconds. You lie correctly, you will receive a return of 70-90 percent. You’re wrong, you lose your application entirely or for the most part. 60 seconds options belong to the genus of the Digital options. These owe their name to their very simple operation. The owner of the option  (you for example) is betting that the market rises or falls.


Lesson 01Wie function 60 seconds options? Specifically agreed option at a 60 seconds Call the broker to use together with a fixed premium repays when the market when the option (60 seconds or even several minutes after the conclusion of trades) leakage is higher than at the beginning of the trades. Are usual premiums of 70 to 90 percent ? If the market were below the starting level, the option expires worthless, or there is a repayment from 0 to 15 percent of the insert.

Lesson 2: You have to download and fill out any complicated forms, but just get started no software! In this lesson, you learn click by click how you open an account with a broker, a market clients choose and your first trade Seat new.

Lesson 3: Where are currencies traded? And what exactly is the DAX? Find out what markets are available and what special features for your 60 seconds options strategy are relevant. The more markets you know, the more trading opportunities for you to perceive!


Lesson 4: Learn what promising market situations can be recognized. A 60 seconds strategy produces concrete trading signals with significant success probability. The strategy is the key to success – and can be learned with discipline.

Lesson 5: Trend following strategies are simple and effective because they are based on the basic pattern of each market and provide concrete signals. Learn the most important thing for trend-following strategy and learn in no time they leverage and profitably.


Lesson 6: The price momentum is an effective and intuitive intelligible tool for short-term price forecast. In this lesson you learn when a rising momentum is a useful trading signals when you can count on him and what additional indications may be useful.

Lesson 7: In some situations, Swimming pays off against the current. The contra-trend strategy uses trend changes and course corrections. Learn what you realize – meaningful countercyclical signals and when you can trade them. Visit Best Binary Option Brokers and find out more on brokers. Experience in Testing

Posted by on 1:15 pm in Finance | Comments Off on Experience in Testing Experience in Testing is new broker for binary options. A few innovative commercial forms make it one of the best binary option brokers in the binary world. Those who seek for a decent and user-friendly software for binary options, could do the best job with 24option without any problem. It is a pretty new exchange platform, which was created in 2010 by a London-based company. 24option is very interesting both for trade’s binary options as well as for investments with forecasts on exchange rates, the development of stock indices, commodity prices or equity prices. Although easy with interface that is easy to understand (at least for most people who had some experience in trading of assets), this business is not something that should be taken easily. Every business requires money for start-up and every business requires knowledge. In this business, it is truth that you need money to start your trading and of course some level of prior knowledge, but the most important is patience – you CANNOT earn a fortune in fortnight. That is just impossible – even for highly skilled traders. So have that in mind.


Some of the trade instruments in

– can be served at the platform with plentiful trading chances. One can choose his trading strategies depending on your taste. Binary Options are very tempting because you can always win – at any point of time but the catch is that you really need to know something about asset and stock trading in order to fully comprehend how binary options work.

High / Low method (also known as Call / Put):

Here one predicts for an Underlying, whether it is rising or falling


Range / Boundary options

One option, in which one predicts a trend channel in hand forward direction for the option

One Touch Options

Options that 1x touch in a certain period of time a prearranged worth limit- the mark value reach exactly 1x to be used.

Newcomers at 24option can say without risk of loss all the rules and peculiarities of trading study before it goes to real money. In the demo version you have a demo account with $ 5000 play money for its investments. In instructional video is a taught how to do it and what we need to be aware of the various options. With binary options much psychology is in play. Knowledge about market prices and similar proves in practice to be extremely useful. Only highly experienced traders can evaluate the possible outcome and understand the high risks since investment opportunities and occasionally can afford huge losses.24option-review

Like I said, binary options require a lot of time, will and patience. Money is of necessary to start trading, but without proper knowledge and determination for patience, you can end up losing your money very easily. That is why the professionals recommend using demo account in order to understand the trading, which is not guarantee that you will earn money. Everything is totally up to you – you can have thousands of dollars for investing but if you don’t have patience and some skill, you will lose that money sooner or later.

5 Tips and Tricks Around the Binary Options

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5 Tips and Tricks Around the Binary Options

Not too fast to go into trade

Especially beginners make the mistake of too much too soon to try. Of course it is tempting to want to achieve a substantial return within a short time, but the first steps is best done with the smallest possible amounts. Every broker, like for example Banc de Binary, has different rules when it comes to minimum stakes and inexperienced traders should opt for a provider, in which even small inserts are possible.

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Experience is the alpha and omega

The phrase “It is never a master fallen from the sky” also applies to trade in binary options. It is quite clear that one has to learn to interpret the signals of a market correctly and that it takes time until you can develop good trading strategies. At every placed “bet” learn the Trader something about it, and also losses, perhaps especially, contribute to the expansion of the wealth of experience with. This one should always keep in mind and also not let go of a losing streak discouraged.

Which commercial version of the entrance?

For inexperienced traders the classic binary options are the most suitable, because they are the easiest to understand and provide the optimal basis, to familiarize yourself with the laws of markets. Here, the trader can also find out which are underlying’s him at all and whether it should rather be currencies or indices such as the DAX. 1Touch- or no-touch options, and range options can address, if one is already a little experienced. As for the second trade, so this is more of a taste than a matter of experience, but quite inexperienced traders is also not advisable thereof.

Plays the commercial application play a role?

As for the binary options, play complexity and scope of functions is not so important as it is, for example, when trading currencies or stocks often the case. Since binary options represent very straightforward commercial products, the function range of trading platforms is limited to the essential and complex analysis tools are usually not available. For binary options trading special programs can be found and one of the most well-known applications in this case represents the Tradologic software. The developer Tradologic able to prevail because it based applications provide ease of use and are characterized by speed and reliability. These are also the characteristics that should provide such a commercial application.

Mobile Trading – Exercise the markets in her sights

business-5Whether it comes to trading binary options, a stock portfolio or currency trading, regardless of whether the trading takes place on the stock exchange or over the counter – want customers of brokers make their trading decisions maximum freedom and this also includes the fact one with that good mobile Applications must be present. The mobile version should run reliably and stably and enable intuitive and straightforward operation. In addition, all instruments of the broker should also be present on the smartphone or tablet and the charts allow optimally analyzing the rates and signals.

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